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GNOME-Fx is a set of themes for Mozilla Firefox which tries to let Firefox look like a native GNOME application. There are two different flavors of GNOME-Fx, which are intented to blend in with different GNOME themes.

The themes are based on the GNOME icons which are part the GNOME desktop, Epiphany (the standard GNOME web browser), the Industrial theme of Garrett LeSage and GNOME for Firefox of Marcel Hoffs

If you use Mozilla Thunderbird, you might be interested in installing GNOME-Tb.

Check out the screenshots if you want a preview of how the themes look.


Firefox 1.5.x for Linux

Install GNOME-Fx Version 1.5 for Linux

Install GNOME-Fx-blue Version 1.5 for Linux

GNOME themes for Firefox 1.5 for Windows will come later

Firefox 1.0.x for Linux

NOTE the following themes only work correctly on Linux. This is due to some CSS styles which instruct Firefox to use native widgets. They work correctly on Linux but render very badly on Windows. They propably also work on platforms like Solaris, FreeBSD and maybe also Mac. I would appreciate it if you can drop me a mail (jaap at haitsma dot org) if you tested them on these platforms.

Install GNOME-Fx Version 1.0.1 for Linux

Install GNOME-Fx-blue Version 1.0.1 for Linux

Install GNOME-Fx-Simple Version 1.0.1 for Linux

Install GNOME-Fx-Human Version 1.0.1 for Linux

Install GNOME-Fx-Industrial Version 1.0.1 for Linux

Firefox 1.0.x for Windows

For people who are not running GNOME, I also provide versions which run on Windows.

Install GNOME-Fx Version 1.0.1 for Windows

Install GNOME-Fx-blue Version 1.0.1 for Windows

Comments / Suggestions / Improvements

If you have comments, suggestions or improvements please subscribe to the mailing list and drop a message overthere. You can also get the GIMP files I used to create this theme from the CVS repository. Feel free to use them for your own themes or improve them and sent them back. The maketheme script in the CVS repository makes the actual themes. It actually takes the default firefox theme and applies the necessary changes to get the GNOME icons and the GNOME look. I also made a GIMP plugin which you can use to make buttons get their disabled/insensitive look. You can download that overhere.

If you like the GNOME-Fx themes you can consider making a donation.

The gnomefx project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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